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Website Maintenance


Keep your website safe and running well:

  • Daily backups
  • Daily scans for malware and other threats
  • Automated software updates
  • Real time monitoring and notifications
  • Private-facing, staging website for content approval process

*A one-time migration fee of $500.00 that covers:

  • Secure data transfer
  • Website review with the client before launch
  • Security enforcement (SSL certificate, hidden login page)
  • Domain ( setup
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Website Enhancement


Improve your website and extend your online reach:

  • Audits to check:
    • Page load speed
    • Keyword optimization
    • Status of online marketing accounts
    • Broken website links
    • Unused/hidden website pages
    • Content quality (image resolution, grammar, punctuation, spelling)
  • A website administrator who can:
    • Combine third-party marketing with the website
    • Build and/or run a keyword strategy
    • Write and/or edit content for a keyword strategy
    • Write and/or edit content for landing pages and blog posts
    • Source, shoot, and direct website images and video
    • Streamline website images and graphics
  • An online marketer who can:
    • Run online marketing accounts
    • Write and/or edit social media posts
    • Manage online reviews
    • Respond to online comments
  • An email marketer who can:
    • Create and/or maintain email marketing infrastructure
    • Create email campaigns and/or track campaign success
    • Write and/or edit campaign emails
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New Build Website

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